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About TradeMaze

Our mission is to allow users to you to find all the services you'll ever need in the location nearest to them, in a stress-free way.

Our services offered include:

  • Commercial services: Repair, Maintenance, Building and Renovation.
  • Domestic services: Gardening, Cleaning, Baby Sitting, Pet Services, Catering
  • Professional services: Law & Accounting, Medical & Nursing, Insurance
  • Personal services: Beauty, Health, Sports, Fitness, Community services and much more!

We've got you covered everywhere as we've partnered with hundred's of business partners throughout Australia that cater towards all kinds of services.

How does it work?

  1. Explore our Mindmap, by clicking on a service you need.

  2. Go deeper into our mindmap to find the specific service you need

  3. Click on the service to request a quote after you've found a service. You'll receive contact only from the services that are nearest to your location.

  4. Our representatives will be in touch with you shortly to give you a quote.

    Check out our special deals that are relevant to you as well.

    Alternatively, also find services through our list search.

  5. That's it! We hope you enjoy using TradeMaze. Please tell all you friends about it and don't forget to Sign Up as well.

I have a service to offer. How can I join?

If you wish to register as a business partner of TradeMaze, please Sign Up through Here.